Why us not them?
Have you ever wondered why God made you, as you are? Have you ever wondered what these kids, who are out begging on the streets the whole day, deserved to be there? Race, status and class are the basic reasons for inequality. Certain jobs are more valued than others, certain houses are more admirable and etc. The disturbing fact is, that there are thousands and thousands of children all over our country who are deprived of education! Who are made to wash cars and mop floors before they even know the meaning of the word- social inequality? Is this how we’re going to grow as a nation? Are we going to let that little child wash our car wind shield while we go to school in our fancy automobile?

These kids we see in the streets begging or the kids in government schools, who are not given proper guidance, why must they beg while we get to sit in our cars and just ignore them as we pass by… Why us and not them? Just because we are fortunate enough to have stable finances doesn’t give us the right to do whatsoever we desire to do. For a change, Instead of spending thousands in one night over food or clothes we can pay a year’s tuition fee of kids in far flung areas. In our society, we’re focused on extra-extravagant weddings, luxurious dinners, and branded clothing. This is the same society where starvation is an ever growing problem for thousands! We spend thousands without flinching, yet, if that money is used in a constructive manner, if we all come together as a Nation, God knows how many futures can be changed! How many kids can be given their basic right of education? So these kids can grow up to be artists and engineers and doctors instead of just dreaming of the life they could never have. We may not even feel a dent in our pockets, yet, this is the impact it will bring!

We as humans have a responsibility to care for each other, to help the deprived and play our role as concerned humanitarians.

We tend to blame our leaders, and high end ministers for all the issues. Why? Because that’s the easy thing to do. The question remains, what have you and I done to alter the course of our nation? Every individual can make a difference! We are an extremely talented nation of almost 160 million, if we all come together. There is nothing we can’t achieve. In my life I’ve had life changing experiences of being a part of organizations like the RMWO (Rashid Memorial Welfare Organization) and SOBA (Sargodhian Old Boys Association) who are working day-in and day-out to make a difference. If we just start somewhere, there are so many ways we can make a difference! From finding a sponsor for a child’s education to sponsoring the education itself; all we need is a start.

Most importantly, these young under privileged minds are very confused and vulnerable and counseling is of vital importance. Efforts must be made to make trained, professional counselors available to these kids to guide them on some path. We don’t always need money to change lives, most of the time, we just need to put in a little extra effort. To pass on our own knowledge, to help expand a child’s horizon, to emotionally counsel a child, etc are all ways where we can invest ourselves to bring about a change. We will be motivating and shaping young minds to excel and that, is a great service to humanity.

It is a common belief that our small act of kindness may not bring about a big change, and that’s where we go wrong! If it helps a child, a human, anyone, for the better, then it is a big act! As Hellen Keller once said, “I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something I can do.”

I look forward to your comments on these thoughts.


About the Author

Ammar Rashid is currently pursuing BS Mechanical Engineering from PIEAS. He is a car enthusiast and aims to bring positive change in society.


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