The first part of solving any problem is to recognise it. This is the easiest part and in Pakistan’s case, if anyone thinks that the education system is fine then they are deluded. Now I’m not going to complain about the system but instead I’m going to suggest 3 methods to ameliorate the quality of education.

Proper investment
It’s obvious that Pakistan does not spend much on education. Although granted that Pakistan is a poor country and does not have enough funds to spare but as our leader, the Quaid, said education is a matter of life and death for us. Investing more in education is essential for Pakistan, unless we wish to be deprived of success. We must build more schools and train teachers to effectively teach so that our coming generations can excel. Pakistan spends about 2.3 of its GDP on education. Even Afghanistan whose literacy rate is 24.2 percent spends about 4.6 % of its GDP on education. If we take a look at India, we find that the young generation of India are coming up with creative solutions to their problems, while the majority of the young generation of Pakistan are not being provided with quality education despite having some of the most brilliant minds on the planet. Pakistan desperately needs to invest in its education system so that it can educate the youth and increase its number of skilled workers and ultimately reduce its unemployment.

The education policy
Our educational policy is in need of serious reform. Why do I say this? Well it’s pretty obvious to me.
The biggest reason for this is that the education system is designed by people who are members of the elite class and their children will never have to go through Pakistan’s national education system. Rather they will almost always opt for O levels and the British system. This means that the policy makers or heads of the education department can make policies without worrying about the consequences. This results in them making poor decisions without thinking too much about it. They don’t seem to be concerned about the system at all. What really needs to be done is that the qualified teachers should devise the curriculum and the policies regarding the education system because these people are directly related to the education system and their close association with it will help them to make informed decisions about its policies

Violence in schools
It’s no secret that students in Pakistan are subjected to insults and physical abuse by teachers. Hitting students has become a custom. I can’t even tell you how wrong that is. Hitting students for getting the answers wrong does not encourage them to get it right next time, rather it encourages students to cheat and avoid school. Abuse of children in public schools results in growth of anxiety and inferiority complex among them, which ultimately leads them to avoiding school and ultimately leaving them. There have been so many stories about the tyranny of teachers. Well I have said enough. It’s time to stop these incorrect practices and become take serious measures for reforming education.

Currently Pakistan’s education system is in shambles. It is up to each and every one of us to improve the standard and we can do that by campaigning for change and spreading awareness. This is, at the very least, our duty towards our country and towards its children. May God bestow his mercy upon Pakistan.

Drop me a comment if you agree or disagree with me,I’d love to hear from you.


About the Author:

Munir Mehmood is a student at beaconhouse school system currently studying A levels. He is an activist and wants to improve the conditions of Pakistan. He is also a car enthusiast and loves technology.


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